Chronic Pain

Chronic pain (as opposed to acute pain) is arbitrarily defined as pain lasting longer than six months. The degree of pain can range anywhere from a mild annoyance to completely debilitating. Approximately 100 million Americans--nearly one in three--currently suffer from chronic pain.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of physicians willing to provide help for chronic pain, due mainly to the fear of addiction. Sadder still, many people unnecessarily endure chronic pain for fear of becoming addicted. Obviously, there is a great deal of overlap between pain management and addiction medicine. We address both issues simultaneously to ensure the right balance.

Many people confuse physical dependence on pain medicine with drug addiction. This is probably the main barrier to proper treatment of BOTH problems. Physical dependence is a natural, expected, and predictable physiological response. In contrast, addiction involves a milieu of destructive, maladaptive, behavioral factors that result in psychological dependence. For example, while a diabetic may be physically dependent on insulin, no one would call the diabetic an "insulin addict." The same is true in the management of chronic pain.

The fee for all chronic pain management appointments is $150, including a non-refundable fifty-dollar deposit due when you book your appointment. Booking an appointment is a demonstration of your commitment to taking control of your chronic pain problem. If for any reason you go back on your commitment by canceling your appointment or showing up late for your appointment or failing to show at all for your appointment, your deposit is forfeit.

The initial screening appointment with Dr. Gordon usually lasts about an hour. Follow-up appointments last fifteen to forty-five minutes. Drug testing as required is included. The cost of medicine and any other testing is not included.

We treat every client as an individual, so the frequency of appointments varies. However, a "typical" pain management client will be seen two times the first week, then weekly for the following three weeks. Thereafter, we see most of our pain management clients twice a month, which ensures proper continuity of care. Accordingly, the "typical" client will incur office visit fees of $750 the first month and thereafter $300 per month, a modest cost approaching only one dollar a day (plus the cost of medicine).

The cost of medicine obviously varies depending on the particular needs of the client. However, in general, it is surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to the cost of obtaining drugs illegally or to the devastating cost to your quality of life of not being treated at all.

We accept cash (preferred) or major credit cards. We do not accept checks. We do not accept health insurance. We will assist with insurance pre-authorization to help defray the cost of medicine if the time and effort required are not cumbersome or disruptive.

If you are ready to receive kind, compassionate, personalized, and PRIVATE management of your chronic pain, call us for an appointment 913-787-5805.