Addiction Medicine

We realize that the financial cost of treating drug and alcohol addiction may be high. Those considering utilizing our services should compare the cost of treatment to the cost of no treatment. Those costs include:

- The cost of purchasing drugs illegally
- Loss of livelihood
- Loss of family and friends
- Loss of home
- Loss of health including the high risk of contracting deadly diseases
- The high risk of death by accidental or deliberate overdose
- The possibility of incarceration
- And worst of all, the loss of your dreams, potential, and dignity.

The fee for all addiction medicine appointments is $150, including a non-refundable fifty-dollar deposit due when you book your appointment. Booking an appointment is a demonstration of your commitment to getting help for your addiction problem. If for any reason you go back on your commitment by canceling your appointment or showing up late for your appointment or failing to show at all for your appointment, your deposit is forfeit.

The initial screening appointment with Dr. Gordon usually lasts about an hour. An induction appointment (where a client would begin drug therapy under medical supervision) usually lasts two-and-a-half hours. Follow-up appointments last fifteen to forty-five minutes. Drug testing as required is included. The cost of medicine and any other testing is not included.

We treat every client as an individual, so the frequency of appointments varies. However, a "typical" client will be seen two times the first week, then weekly for the following three weeks, and thereafter monthly. Accordingly, the "typical" client will incur office visit fees of $750 the first month and thereafter $150 per month.

The cost of medicine obviously varies depending on the particular needs of the client. However, in general, it is surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to the cost of obtaining drugs illegally. For example, the cost of buprenorphine, the standard treatment for opioid use disorder, is typically $50 to $100 per month with no insurance.

We accept cash (preferred) or major credit cards. We do not accept checks. We do not accept health insurance. We will assist with insurance pre-authorization to help defray the cost of medicine if the time and effort required are not cumbersome or disruptive.

If you are ready to address your addiction problem, call us for an appointment 913-787-5805.